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Hospital functional medical bed introduction

Today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. introduces you to the introduction of hospital functional medical beds:

A, single shaker. The single shaker is relatively simple to use, and it is mainly used for the recuperation of patients with relatively mild conditions. The single shaker back plate can be raised by a rocker at an angle of 0 to 65 degrees. The patient can sit up on the bed and rely on the backboard through the backboard lifting function. You can also put some daily necessities under the bed.

B, double shaker. The double shaker has one leg lift function more than the single shaker function. This kind of bed is generally used by patients with leg problems. Through the lifting and lowering of the function of the leg board, the patient can lift and bend the leg without lifting the leg by himself. You can also put some daily necessities under the bed.

C, three shakers. The function of the three shakers is more complicated. In addition to the lifting function of the leg plate and the back plate, the bed plate can also have a lifting function. The bed can be lifted by 50 to 70 cm by shaking the handle. Three shakers are generally critically ill patients in clinical use.

D. A bed with a dining table. A bed with a dining table is generally used for patients with reduced mobility. The bed has an active dining table at the end of the bed. The table can be moved to the center of the bed by the radius of the table legs for the patient to use.

E, electric bed. This is a versatile electric turning bed that is used by critically ill patients who have difficulty turning over. The multi-function electric turning bed has comprehensive functions and flexible operation. By operating the keyboard button, the bed can be lifted and lowered, and the bed is fanned up and down, which brings great convenience to patients with emergency and trauma.

F, multi-function electric nursing bed. This multi-functional electric nursing bed is characterized by the fact that the patient can sit up in the true sense of the chair, and can be walked around with the care staff, which is convenient for nursing and suitable for rehabilitation patients.

G, multi-function turning care bed. This multi-functional turning care bed is convenient for nursing and can be used for critically ill patients and paralyzed patients. It can be turned left and right to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids in critically ill patients.

The above is the introduction of hospital functional medical beds .

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