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Kangzhixing ABS bed four-function turning bed continues to sell well

Recently, Kangzhixing ABS bed four-function turning bed continues to sell!

Has the following characteristics

1. Product Name: ABS manual four-function turning bed

2. Specifications: L2200*W970*H580~880mm (including guardrail)

3, function: the back can be raised and lowered angle: 0-75 ° ± 5 ° leg can be raised and lowered angle 0-45 ° ± 5 °, adjust the overall lifting of the bed surface 580-880mm, manually turn left and right 25 ° ± 3 °

4, material description:

5, A, stainless steel manual four-turning bed bed panel using high-quality stainless steel mesh surface, with anti-slip function, to ease the patient's body ventilation, anti-corrosion function, bed body load ≥ 250kg; high and low dynamic load ≥ 170kg.

B. Bed frame material: The bed frame is welded with 30×60×1.5mm rectangular high quality stainless steel pipe.

C, detachable bed headboard.

D, stainless steel manual four-turning bed rocker system: imported high-strength 45# steel. Two-way limit protection screw, two-way screw: safe, wear-resistant, light and labor-saving, no noise, transmission strength ≥160kg (provided patent product certificate) lifting part aerated spring booster.

E, stainless steel manual four-turning bed ABS hand crank telescopic hidden rod system, hidden with the bed tail plate flush, avoid collision with medical staff's feet, more convenient for care operation, safe and reliable.

F, stainless steel bedside guardrail can be removed.

G, stainless steel manual four-turning bed bed casters using imported resin luxury casters, diameter 5 inches, four-legged brakes. The casters adopt a plunger structure, withstand voltage, wear resistance and smooth movement.

H. The bed product requirements have passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and ISO13485: 2003 medical device quality management system certification, and must be verified by the system certification number.

I. The standard configuration:

1 pay for the headboard, 5 inch caster, 1 aluminum alloy guardrail, 1 infusion stand, 1 medical record card, 2 drainage hooks

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