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How to install the medical care bed?

Many people like to buy medical care beds at home for the convenience of the elderly. How do you know how to install them correctly? Today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand:

A, install the bed legs

The longer two are the bed legs. First remove the screws on the legs, then put the legs on the bed, and then re-fix the screws. The nuts used in this product are locknuts and do not need to be tightened too tightly. The shorter two are the beams, which are respectively fixed on the already installed bed legs, and gently shake the bed legs without looseness.

B, installation casters

The casters of this product are threaded, and the four casters are placed in four screw holes regardless of position.

C, install the hole

The hole is composed of a bed surface hole structure, a potty frame and a hole hole handle. The pot holder is connected to the bed surface by a rod-passing device, and the opening and closing of the hole is realized by controlling the spherical handle.

D, install the bedside bed

The headboard is higher and the tailgate is shorter, using a hanging installation method. Align the bed hook with the iron pin of the bed and fasten the lock.

E, installation guardrail

Align the guardrail hole with the position of the bedding hole and fix it with screws. The guardrail switch is facing the side of the bed.

F, debugging controller

The motor and the push rod have been installed before leaving the factory. After the power is turned on, the controller is used for debugging. For details, see “Product Function Introduction”.

G, lay the bed 褥

If the product is equipped with a special mattress, according to the bed surface design, it can correspond to the position of the back frame, the foot frame and the hole.

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