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Analysis of factors to consider when purchasing an elderly nursing bed

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a nursing bed for the elderly? Today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand:

Safety and stability

Most of the nursing beds are for patients who are inconvenient to move and stay in bed for a long time. Therefore, this puts higher requirements on the safety of the bed and its own stability. Therefore, when selecting the user, the user must show the product registration certificate and production license of the product inspected by the other party. Only in this way can the safety of the trial bed be guaranteed.


Nursing beds are divided into electric and manual, while manual comparisons are suitable for short-term care for patients and solve the problem of difficult care in a short period of time. Electric is suitable for families with long-term bed-ridden patients with inconvenient mobility. The use of electric power can not only reduce the burden on nursing staff and family members, but also the patients can fully control their own operations. This not only satisfies your own needs, but also makes your family more reassured.

price advantage

The electric nursing bed itself is more practical than the manual nursing bed, but its price is several times that of the manual nursing bed, and some even tens of thousands of yuan. Some families may not be able to afford it, so people need to consider this factor when purchasing.

The use of the nursing bed will make the elderly have a better sleep. Now the elderly will have insomnia. When sleeping at night, they will always sleep in the middle of the night. They will always feel that they are asleep and are asleep. Uncomfortable, you can adjust the condition of the bed surface of the nursing bed when using the nursing bed, and it is particularly comfortable when sleeping at night. Protect the health of the elderly. The elderly's body is relatively weak. It is very convenient to use the home care bed to give the elderly life. It is very convenient to get out of bed when using the nursing bed, so we recommend using a home care bed. Make the life of the elderly more convenient and protect your health. It makes the life of the elderly more convenient. For example, the elderly use a home care bed when the body is uncomfortable, and can carry out many activities on the nursing bed, such as eating and so on.

Through the above introduction, you should know how to buy the elderly care bed correctly.

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