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Medical care bed manufacturers tell you to install surgical shadowless lights need to pay attention

Today, the professional medical care bed manufacturer of Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. tells you that you need to pay attention to the installation of surgical shadowless lamps:

Surgical shadowless lights are used to illuminate the surgical site to best visualize small, poorly contrasting objects at different depths in the wound and body control. Next, Hua Wen Xiaobian and everyone talk about the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing the surgical shadowless lamp. I hope that reading this article will help you.

A, the lamp head of the lamp is at least 2m high.

B. All the infrastructure fixed on the ceiling should be placed reasonably to ensure that they do not interfere with each other in terms of efficacy. The top of the ceiling should be strong enough to allow the lamp head to rotate.

C. The lamp head of the lamp should be easy to change in time, easy to clean and keep clean.

D. The lighting of the illuminator should be equipped with a heat-proof device to reduce the interference of radiant heat on the surgical tissue. The surface temperature of the metal touched by the illumination lamp is not allowed to reach 60 ° C, the surface temperature of the non-metallic body touched can not reach 70 ° C, and the maximum upper limit temperature of the metal handle is 55 ° C.

E. The control switches of different lamps should be configured separately so as to be controlled separately according to the needs of use.

In addition, the length of the working time of the illuminating lamp, the accumulation of dust on the surface of the illuminating lamp and the exterior of the wall may impede the illumination intensity of the illuminating lamp, and should be caused to face up and be adjusted and disposed immediately.

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