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How to properly wipe the mirror of the LED lamp of the operating bed

On the LED lamp of the operating bed , in order to protect the bulb from the external environment, it is usually equipped with a mirror to protect the bulb. The mirror is generally exposed to the environment, some dust in the environment, etc. It will fall on its surface. If it can't be wiped clean in time, it will have a certain impact on the lighting effect of the light. How to wipe it properly? Today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand:

A. First remove the dust on the mirror surface, and then wipe the mirror surface with a cotton ball and concentrated ammonia to make the dirt attached to it fall.

B. Wipe off the dirt with an alcohol cotton ball and then dry it with a cloth to restore the original brightness. The concentrated ammonia water is an alkaline liquid, and the ammonia is extremely active, which can remove the dirt attached to the mirror surface, and the ammonia is easily escaped, so that the pH value is lowered and the mirror surface is not damaged.

Although the wiping of the mirror surface of the surgical lamp is particularly important, it is not difficult to wipe the mirror surface of the surgical lamp. As long as you follow the above steps, you can wipe the mirror surface of the surgical lamp very well. You will find that this method is very practical and will be liked by everyone.

The bright LED surgical light provides surgery with a shadowless effect that allows the entire operation to be illuminated in all directions, making the patient's health better. It is understood that the emergency lighting of the surgical shadowless lamp adopts the customized AC and DC power supply. The standby power supply can be used continuously for 2 hours to ensure the normal operation of the operation. It is suitable for the lack of power supply and the lighting needs in special occasions. Designed, fully positioned and accurately switched in 0.2 seconds, without affecting the operation.

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