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New bed guardrail manufacturing method

Medical beds, also known as medical beds and medical beds, are essential facilities for hospital ward care. The medical bed structure usually comprises: a bed board, a bed frame is arranged around the bed board, and the bed board and the bed frame are supported on the bed frame. In order to prevent the patient from falling from the bed, the medical bed is provided with retractable guardrails on both sides. The utility model only needs to support the guardrails on both sides of the medical bed, and the guardrail is not required to be used, but the existing bed guardrail The structure is complex and not universal.
Skill completion element:
The skill problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a bed guardrail for the lack of the above existing skills. The device provides a liftable guardrail for use in a hospital bed, has a simple structure and convenient operation, and is suitable for a medical bed of various specifications.
In order to deal with the above-mentioned skill problems, the skill plan adopted by the utility model is: a bed guardrail for the bed body, including a top support bar and a second support bar hinged on the same side of the bed body, and the top support bar and a connecting rod hinged at an upper end of the second support rod, a hinged portion of the top support rod and the bed body and a hinge portion of the second support rod and the bed body are provided with a limiting device, and the hinged portion of the connecting rod and the top support rod is provided with a lock device.
Further, a crossbar parallel to the connecting rod is further included, and both ends of the crossbar are hinged from the rod body of the top support rod and the second support rod.
Further, the limiting device comprises a crank fixed with the top support rod or the second support rod and the limit block fixed on the bed body, and the free end of the crank is fixedly connected to the slider, and the limit block is provided for receiving The slider and the curved guide that slides with the slider.
Further, a crank fixed coaxially with the top support rod and a crank fixed coaxially with the second support rod are disposed in parallel.
Further, the locking device includes a cam fixedly engaged with the end of the top support rod, and the side surface of the cam is provided with a curved surface that smoothly touches the wedge block and a stop surface that intersects the curved surface to form a locking groove, the cam And the wedge block is hinged to one end of the sleeve through the parallel pin shaft, and the other end of the sleeve is fixedly coupled to the connecting rod. The wedge block comprises a working end and a grip end which are respectively disposed on both sides of the pin shaft, and the working end and the cam are locked. The groove is adapted, and the grip end is provided with a spring extending perpendicular to the connecting rod, and one end of the spring is fixedly engaged with the grip end and the other end is collided with the sleeve.
Further, the curved surface and the stop surface are arranged at a right angle or an acute angle.
Further, the grip end is provided with a pin, and the spring is placed on the pin.
The advantageous effect of using the above skill plan is that the guardrail of the utility model is fixed on the bed by bolts, and the length of the guardrail can be adjusted according to actual needs, and has wide versatility, and can be applied to any existing medical bed. On the product; the device is convenient and simple, only the fastening bolts need to be fastened to the bed body, the positioning is firm, and the disassembly is convenient; the length of the guardrail can be lengthened according to different user requirements, which can meet the needs of different users; with cam and wedge shape The locking structure of the block cooperates, and the set tension spring is reset, and the locking and unlocking state of the guardrail is completed through the combination of the control cam and the wedge block; the rotation of the control crank and the rotation of the viewpoint range are completed, and the guardrail is lifted and lowered. The height of the lift is smooth and the support is large.

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