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Electric nursing bed function and basic configuration introduction

Electric nursing beds are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients or the elderly. It began to be mainly used in hospitals. With the development of the economy, electric nursing beds have also entered the ordinary people's families, becoming a new choice for home-based care, greatly reducing the burden on nursing staff.

The main functions of the electric nursing bed are similar to sitting and lying down function, left and right turning function, hand release function, shampooing and foot washing auxiliary function. Special emphasis is placed on the function of shampooing and foot washing. Because of the long-term bed rest, muscles and blood vessels are squeezed, the blood flow of the lower limbs of patients with disability and semi-disability is often slow. However, regular shampooing can make patients stop itching, keep blood, keep clean, and make them happy, and it is necessary to enhance the confidence of disease and disease.

The basic configuration is:

1. Functional mattress with half-brown and semi-sponge (the cover can be removed and washed).

2, 1 set of wooden bed head and tail (environmental materials)

3, 1 plate (environmental material)

4, help station guardrail 1 pay

6, a wash basin 1

7, 1 basin

8, 1 potty

9, 1 infusion stand

10, 4 casters (diagonal brake)

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