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There are several types of medical care beds by category.

The versatile medical care bed is currently the most versatile home (medical) care bed to address the daily care needs of paralyzed patients. It is equipped with an infusion stand and a dining table, which can conveniently meet the nursing needs of patients, and can reduce the pressure of nursing and reduce the burden on nursing staff.

The bed is designed for the special needs of hospitals and patients who cannot take care of themselves, disabled people, critically ill patients, and paralyzed patients. It solves the long-standing problems of patients' urination, eating, moving, reading, writing, and entertainment. Aspects of the problem. And to meet the physiological and psychological requirements of patients, improve rehabilitation, and greatly reduce the burden of care. Wheelchair-style design, the patient can adjust the three positions of lying, half-sleeping and straight sitting in bed. The angle of the leg can also be adjusted; the patient can also read, write, and eat in the bed, with a toilet design, so that people can also be big and urinating in bed. Its humanized design solves a series of difficult problems in nursing.

Nursing bed classification introduction:

According to power

Electric nursing bed: high price, suitable for patients to control themselves without the help of others

Manual nursing bed: moderate price, need someone to care for simple care

Bed body foldable

Two folds: can achieve long seat function

Tri-fold: can achieve the sitting function can be used as a wheelchair to facilitate patient self-movement

40% off: you can achieve the same comfortable position as a chair

With side flip: can achieve rollover function to avoid the formation of acne

According to different materials, it can be divided into: all stainless steel, carbon steel, ABS, wood, spray

Multi-functional care bed for easy patient care. Make life simple and convenient, so that paralyzed patients can easily solve some daily problems

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