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Extend the life of the electric operating bed

Compared with the traditional operating bed , the electric surgery is much more advanced and the method of use is much simpler. The electric operating bed can help the doctor well and complete the task of treating the patient. He is a doctor's effective assistant, so good equipment. If you want him to serve us better, we still need to master some of his use:

Before use, you should be familiar with the performance of the operating bed, master the correct adjustment method and the use and installation methods of different accessories; regularly check the function of the electric operating bed, the maintenance personnel should do the maintenance work to ensure the operation; adjust the position to the appropriate position, and then cut the operation in time. Bed power supply to prevent interference with the operating bed during the use of electrosurgical equipment; after the operation, the operating bed should be restored to the original position; when using high-frequency electric knife, be careful not to let the skin contact with metal, do not put the patient on a wet surface or Use a conductive pad to prevent burns; clean the electric bed and accessories with a phosphate-less alkaline cleaner and dry with a dry rag.

Aseptic operation:

Once the operator has washed his hands, the arm is not allowed to touch other objects. After wearing sterile surgical gowns and sterile gloves, the back, waist and shoulders should be considered as bacteriological zones and can not be touched; if the gloves are damaged during surgery Or contact with sterile gloves, and replace with sterile gloves. If the forearm or elbow touches the bacteria, replace the sterile surgical gown or add a sterile cuff. Before the operation begins, check the instruments and dressings. At the end of the operation, check the chest, abdomen, etc., and check the instruments. Close the incision; before cutting the hollow organ, first use gauze pad to protect the surrounding tissue to prevent or reduce pollution; visit the operating personnel should not be too close to the electric operating bed or stand too high, nor can you often walk indoors to reduce Opportunities for pollution.

Power problem:

Press the electric grab switch on the control device panel to enter the operation preparation stage; correctly start and release the base brake, the brake assist plate next to the base, and move it under the fixed rod to start the mechanical brake loading. To fix the operating bed; prevent accidental injury; the hand-pressing control board should be hung on the side rail of the electric operating bed, and the line should be protected from pinching, crushing, and preventing the line from being damaged; do not put heavy objects on the power line or let the push The car was over the line.

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