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Introduction of the important role of household electric nursing bed

Gradually stepping into an aging society, some people have experienced the care of patients, Gu Yu patients are hard work, often turn over the patient, often give patients a massage to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids, the patient's long-term lying inactive body is initially degraded Simple constipation occurs, so it is more difficult to give the patient a fluid diet and take care of the patient's bowel movements. The patient will be very uncomfortable if the urine is not cleaned up in time.

With an electric nursing bed and an electric turning bed, not only can the patient's urine and urine be automatically collected, but also a professional multi-functional nursing bed and a mattress for the nursing bed. The multi-purpose nursing bed can assist the patient to turn over, lift the back, lift the leg, Special functions such as curved legs can prevent and reduce the occurrence of acne.

Automatic system of electric nursing bed: When the patient discharges the big/urin, the sensor automatically senses, and then the urine is taken out and damaged and stored in the dirt bucket. After the urine is finished, the clean warm water is automatically ejected through the nozzles everywhere, and is washed away. The privacy of the affected part and the inside of the toilet, after all, the nozzle also has the function of monotonous buttocks and privacy parts, and the warm air is monotonous. Automatic intelligent end of induction, suction, cleaning, monotony all processes. It can keep patients clean and dry, and easily handle toilet problems.

Not only can it reduce the suffering of patients, but also reduce the work of nursing staff, so that nursing staff have more time and energy to take care of other needs of patients.

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