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How to prevent bacterial infection when using a medical care bed

Patients who use medical care beds are worried about bacterial infections. In the hospital, there are nurses and doctors who often sort out them, but the patients at home do not get the attention they deserve, especially for the elderly who live on the bed for a long time. Without the full energy to take care of them, simple bacterial infections are fatal to patients with weaker bodies. Therefore, for the health of patients, medical care beds should always be sorted out. Today's medical furniture will give you a brief introduction to how to organize medical care beds to protect patients from bacterial infections.

The first thing to note is to avoid the formation of bacteria on the bed of medical care in the home environment. Therefore, pay attention to the following matters regarding the elderly or patients:

1. It is conditional to install a disinfection lamp in the room, which is convenient for disinfection and reduces the presence of bacteria. Need to pay attention to the medical care bed not too close to the window, in order to prevent outside bacteria from reaching the environment of the patient's use through the window.

2, at the moment in the summer, the need to use air conditioning time, in order to avoid the emergence of bacteria, the air conditioner used by patients is clean and clean, to avoid bacterial growth.

3, medical care bed anti-bacteria, the family should stay in the accident to come back to do a simple cleaning, suffering from home service in the medical care bed used by elderly patients, bacteria and dust outside, bacteria are easy to infect clothes The patient also needs to change his dirty clothes to lie on the medical care bed after going out.

4. In addition, the UV disinfection lamp needs the patient to leave during use, and many times may be inconvenient. Therefore, a brief introduction to several small methods, one is often cleaned and cleaned the room, the bed linen clothes should be changed frequently; the second room put a little vinegar to dilute the harmful substances in the air; the third quilt is often exposed to the sun; the fourth more purification Air plants.

The above is a few methods for the medical care bed anti-pathogens in the total price of medical furniture, and it is expected to be helpful to friends who have medical care beds at home!