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Kang Zhixing analysis of hospital furniture industry analysis needs

Following the increase in hospital furniture purchase planning, the furniture features required by the hospital have entered the focus of the mall. Hospitals buy furniture with a variety of varieties, multi-material mix, large purchase amount, the use of acid and alkali resistance. After analyzing the planning, buying characteristics, buying rules, shopping mall status and future buying trends of hospital furniture purchase, we can better understand hospital furniture.

Furniture government buying and selling shopping malls have now shown a trend of segmentation. Hospital furniture has become the third largest segment of the market after the government bought the store's relay furniture and campus furniture. The frequency of hospital furniture purchases across the country is getting higher and higher.

Product: Quality assurance to ensure benefits

Multi-material application range expanded

There are not only many types of hospital furniture, but also the combination of multiple materials. Medical cabinets , medical desks and chairs for wood materials such as solid wood and sheet metal; steel medicine cabinets and medicine racks for steel materials; medical artificial stone basins for stone materials such as outpatient areas; Row chairs, etc. According to the materials selected for different furniture categories, the waiting room furniture is mainly for all kinds of row chairs, mainly steel materials and engineering plastics; the pharmacy is divided into two kinds of Chinese and Western pharmacies, the Chinese medicine pharmacy is mainly wood, and the Chinese herbal medicines are placed. . Western medicine pharmacy furniture mainly has medicine racks and medicine cabinets, mainly steel. The ward furniture is mainly medical cabinets, bedside cabinets, etc., most of which are mainly made of steel and wood.

Nowadays, the hospital furniture we have calculated is not only used in hospitals, but also extended to various places such as prevention of diseases, promotion of health and rehabilitation training, and support for healthy living. Such as disease control centers, health centers, laboratories, scientific research institutes. In fact, it is only used in the field of medical and health care in the field of hospital furniture.

Policy promotes strong demand for purchases

The increase in demand for hospital furniture purchases has benefited from multiple aspects.

In recent years, the reform of the medical system promoted by the Chinese government has objectively promoted the transformation of old hospitals and the creation of new hospitals. On the other hand, the promotion of various types of infrastructure is also accelerating in the process of urbanization. "In the future, hospitals may buy more and more furniture. After the acceleration of urbanization, hospitals are one of the important urban infrastructures. It is imperative to strengthen the research on the furniture needed for hospitals."

The demand for hospital furniture has benefited from the promotion of policies. After the reform of the medical system, many hospitals nationwide have begun to expand or renew, and the hospitals are demanding more and more furniture.

With the progress of people's cultural level, people's demand for oral health will be more and more large. Nowadays, the dental hospitals across the country have made great plans to build up, and the demand for hospital furniture after the completion of the construction is very large. In the stomatological hospital, the demand for the treatment of medical cabinets will be very high, and almost every doctor will be installed.