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How to distinguish between electric nursing bed and manual nursing bed

Care nurse bed is divided into two categories according to the driving method

1, electric care nurse bed

2. Manually take care of the nurse bed.

First, the scale of the purchase of electric care nurse bed

1. Scale scale: l2090*w950*h250-600

The main beam of the bed body adopts SPCC international rectangular tube. The beam is made of square steel pipe with a wall thickness of 3mm. The weight of the bed body is 250kg without deformation.

2, back plate, bed board and bed scale

Whether the backboard raises the viewpoint: 0~70 degrees, whether the legs are up and down: 0~17 degrees.

The bed board is made of steel wire mesh, and the frame is made of 20*20 square steel pipe. The bed body link adopts the exclusive quick release type elastic pin shaft, and the movement is smooth without looseness.

Bed foot construction, strange construction links, free time, link bearings are equipped with copper bushings, wear-resistant and cut music.

3, the drive set equipment scale

Danish linear drive set up

4, metal surface coating scale

The metal surface is electrostatically sprayed with two layers of epoxy powder. The workpiece is subjected to acid rust removal, alkali removal, degreasing, water rinsing, phosphating, electrophoresis, drying, spraying and other complicated processes, and the surface of the workpiece actually reaches rust and antibacterial.

5, the care nurse bed is important to the hospital in the morning, but we are important to take the family route, the home style plan is put at home and there is no impact on the decoration of the Peugeot. The humanized plan of back-sliding, slipping, anti-squeezing and so on has solved some shortcomings of the traditional care nurse bed, preventing the tenderness from being used outside the process, slipping and sliding. And the multi-purpose care nurse bed also has the function of turning over on time, so that it can not solve the problem that the tender person can't turn over when sleeping.