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A brief overview of what is a multifunctional medical care bed?

With the rapid development of China's medical level and the increasing demands of the medical industry, China has increased its investment in medical devices. Multi-functional medical care beds have emerged to deal with family care for people with physical disabilities or the elderly. And care, is a collection of nursing, mobile, excretion equal to one multi-functional medical care products.

An overview of the multifunctional medical care bed is as follows:

The progress of society and the development of science and technology have led to the progress of all walks of life. The nursing bed has gradually developed into a multi-functional and intelligent direction. The multifunctional medical care bed has become a functional nursing product. Its main function is assisted by him. The system, the testing system and the human-computer interaction system are determined.

(1) The auxiliary system completes the basic functions of the nursing bed, mainly including adjusting the height of the nursing bed, flexing and stretching the legs, adjusting the back, turning left and right, assisting in urination, etc. It replaces the traditional hand shake with a motor, and greatly reduces the nursing work. The labor of the caregiver and the caregiver is easy to operate;

(2) The detection system is a major feature of the multifunctional medical care bed, which is different from the main function of the ordinary nursing bed. The system detects the relevant physiological parameters of the human body through sensors and checks whether it conforms to the physiological coefficient scale of normal people. If an abnormality occurs, an alarm will be issued in time to tell the nursing staff and family members that the main parameters of the test include: body temperature and heart rate. , blood pressure, blood sugar, blood saturation and other parameters;

(3) The flexible planning of human-computer interaction can help patients to complete the patient's independent operation without accompanying and nursing, and improve the convenience;

Because of the above excellent characteristics, it is widely used in the medical industry, and is deeply loved by patients and caregivers and their families. So, what is its price?

According to the different equipment of the nursing products, the market price also has a certain gap, the price scale is 700-1000 yuan / piece; the base body is now:

(1) Ordinary multi-functional medical nursing bed, the price is 700.00 yuan / piece;

(2) ABS no-wheel care bed, the price is 780.00 yuan / piece;

(3) ABS has a multi-function nursing bed with a price of 860.00 yuan/sheet;

(4) Anti-slip multifunctional nursing bed, the price is 1000 yuan / piece; multi-functional medical nursing bed has superior performance and low price, it is the gospel of the elderly, the helper of nursing staff.