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Talking about the Applicable Scope and Structure of Gynecological Examination Bed

Gynecological examination bed product introduction:

First, the scope of application

Gynecological examination bed is suitable for gynecological examination, surgery, maternity delivery and so on. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, simple and flexible, simple structure, beautiful appearance, low price and practicality. This product is suitable for use in abortion surgery, hysteroscopy, anorectal, urology, etc.

1. Use imported electric equipment (JAGER of Taiwan or LINAK of Denmark), low noise and safe and reliable.

2, equipment line controller and foot controller dual operating system.

3, equipped with drawer type auxiliary table, specially designed, pull out and then lift up to actively lock, easy to operate.

4, optional cold light source lamp, compact, flexible, accurate positioning, high brightness, pure light color, long service life, universal hose with 180 ° universal head, can be positioned at will.

5, high quality stainless steel base, beautiful and easy to clean.

6, the instantaneous touch switch, accurate operation, can adjust the height of the bed and the back plate, hip plate view.

7, a little positioning brake, the brake is convenient and reliable.

8, supporting PU foam mold forming leg support, handrails and high-strength grip.

Second, the product structure

It consists of two parts: independent bed frame and table top. The bed frame is made of stainless steel or steel tube. The countertop back plate and the seat plate are composed of segments, and the rack drive mechanism is used to adjust the back view point of the rack to meet the needs of various postures during gynecological viewing and surgery.

The gynecological examination bed is made of mirrored surface of thick square steel tube. The surface of the bed is sprayed. The steel frame size of the bed frame and bed leg is 4X4 and the thickness is 1.2mm. The bed board is made of multi-layer natural wood board. It has long service life and will not break. Damaged, the bed surface is selected from Pew and heavy sponge. The above gives us a brief introduction. In the usual use period, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the development of medical equipment. Our company has passed ISO9001 international quality certification and ISO13485 medical equipment quality. System certification. Our company has a large number of professional design and technical talents with excellent technology and rich experience. The main products are: medical electric beds, beds, cars, tables, cabinets, racks, chairs, etc. 7 series of more than 300 varieties welcome new and old customers to come to consult.