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Powerful electric nursing beds are increasingly sought after by most families

Electric nursing beds are used for the treatment and recovery care of patients or the elderly. According to statistics, at the end of 2015, the number of elderly people over the age of 60 in China reached 222 million, accounting for 2% of the probability of use, and there were only 4.44 million in China. There are about 40,000 large and medium-sized hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, and newly built elderly apartments in China. If these medical pension organizations update 50 beds per year, the annual demand is 2 million. Most of our families have gradually formed a pagoda structure (four elderly people, two young people, one child). Following the acceleration of social life, young people are both busy with their careers and caring for their families. Old people and children are obviously powerless. When the elderly can't take care of themselves, they need a family-style multi-functional nursing bed. It was mainly used in hospitals, and the development of electric nursing beds with the economy has also entered the ordinary people's family. It has become a new choice for home-based care, especially nowadays many multi-functional electric nursing beds have greatly improved the level of recovery care for patients. Nursing staff provide great convenience, so this kind of operation is simple, and powerful nursing products are increasingly sought after.

What are the advantages of an electric nursing bed over a manual nursing bed?

1, no back extrusion

During the process of backing, the back back plate slides upwards, and the back plate is relatively stopped relative to the back of the human body, so that the back can be truly uncompressed.

2, inductive toilet

In the user's dropping of 1 drop (10 drops, according to the user's condition), the potty is turned on in about 9 seconds, and an early warning is issued to prompt the caregiver user to be dynamic and clean.

3, anti-sliding

With the function of the back function, the back plate is lifted from 0° to 30°, and the caretaker's buttocks to the knee joint are lifted up by about 12°, and remain unchanged when the back bed is continuously raised. The human body slides toward the tail of the bed.

4, back anti-slip

As the body sits up, the viewpoint is constantly increasing, and the side plates move inwardly in a semi-enclosed form to prevent the caretaker from dumping to one side when sitting.

5, assist

Because of the long-term bed rest, the muscles and blood vessels are kneaded, the blood activity of the lower limbs of patients with disability and semi-disability is often slow. Regular foot washing can effectively control the lower extremity blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and is very helpful in restoring health.