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How do stainless steel medical care beds last longer?

The stainless steel medical care bed is a bed made of stainless steel. Since the whole bed is welded and formed by high-quality cold-rolled steel pipe, the surface is electrostatically sprayed. Therefore, compared with the general medical care bed, the medical bed is more robust, beautiful, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Speaking of this, do you know how to make the choice of materials for stainless steel medical beds? If you are not very clear about this, then you can easily learn about it with the Xiaobian Medical Technology Xiaobian!

In general, stainless steel medical care beds are not easy to rust due to the special nature of their materials. However, in many cases, due to the incorrect selection of materials, it will lead to the rusting of stainless steel medical care beds, so the selection of materials is more important when making stainless steel beds.

Nowadays, there are many types of stainless steel materials, such as 201, 304, and 316. The smaller range is 201. The fence made of this material can only be used in air-dried indoors, and away from corrosion. More sexual products. The widely used material is 304 stainless steel. This material can be used in air-dry indoor and outdoor areas. The price is between these two materials, and it is also a popular material. About 316 stainless steel guardrails are mostly used in coastal areas, perhaps in a corrosive environment, because the corrosion resistance, rust and other characteristics of this material is very good, but the price is also expensive, compared to the other two materials A lot more expensive.

When the device is being used, check to see if the power cord on the device is plugged in, and we should also see if the controller cable is secure. In order to prevent the wires on the multi-function electric medical bed from being accidentally cut, the power cord should be avoided in the center of the bed and the center of the bed frame, and the wires of the actuator can not be placed in the center of the bed frame, otherwise it will cause a personal accident.

People can't have any beating on the bed, and people can't have any implementation when they sit on the bed panel. The medical bed manufacturer thought that after the universal wheel of the bed was automatically, it could not be moved or pushed. After the brake was released, the bed could be moved and could not be pushed laterally, otherwise the bed would be The riser guardrail was damaged.