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ABS bed manufacturers talk about the importance of medical care beds in daily life

The design and manufacture of the home multi-functional nursing bed, which is headed by Baishan Xiao, aims to solve some problems faced by the elderly and squatting patients in bedtime, such as turning over and urinating. At the same time, hand-cranked medical beds are also a convenient, easy and hygienic care environment for the convenience of caregivers.

With the advent of the aging era, more and more families are taking care of the elderly and patients who are unable to take care of themselves in those days. Therefore, the demand for ABS medical beds and multi-functional nursing beds is particularly urgent. Due to this social demand, the multi-functional care bed industry came into being, and gradually moved from the hospital to the homes of ordinary people. As a high-quality nursing bed manufacturer in the industry, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has designed and produced various types of multifunctional nursing beds suitable for different patients and the elderly with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and skills. Taking into account the need for family medical beds during the care process, such as turning over, urinating, shampooing, sitting up, etc., the electric nursing bed came into being to meet the needs of the caregivers, and greatly facilitated the caregivers. The workload of medical bed factories can be described as one thing. Let home conditioning become practical.

The structure of ABS bed : ABS engineering plastics are used in bed head, bed end and guardrail. The appearance is beautiful, the loading and unloading is self-reliant, and it is safe to use. The bed frame body is welded by steel and is firm and firm. Surface rust removal, electrostatic spraying, anti-aging, no rust. Folding metal guardrail for convenient use, 125mm independent brake mute wheel for four wheels.

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