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What are the production process of infusion chair?

Quality and safety of the infusion chair: For the consideration of the patient, the infusion chair should be selected according to the ISO9000 standard, green non-toxic raw materials, the metal part should be smooth, no barbs, and the thorn may cause scratches on the patient. The infusion chair is generally assembled, so the components should be fastened together, and the hexagonal screws are used consistently to ensure the safety of the infusion. Others due to the hospital environment, the metal part of the infusion chair should be able to be cleaned with disinfectant for many times, with high corrosion resistance and longer service life of stainless steel seat legs. Usually 7-10 years.

How to maintain the infusion chair? The infusion chair belongs to the public seat category, and the loss is relatively fast. The maintenance requirements for the infusion chair are also relatively high. The leather pad of the infusion chair should be replaceable and equipped with a cloth cover. The leather part is protected by a cloth cover, which is easier to clean and maintain. .

Seat board description: Use cold-rolled steel plate with 1.8mm or 1.5mm thickness. After rust removal treatment, electrostatic spray coating.

Handrail description: There are a variety of handrail materials, such as high-quality solid wood or wood-like plastic, aluminum alloy material, stainless steel material, pig iron and other large-scale precision casting, die-casting and polishing, can add leather pad.

With the development of society and productivity, the infusion is carried out from a simple seat to a multi-functional, comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly direction, and the ease of use can also better care for the patient. The multi-style, versatility, environmentally friendly raw materials, the thickness of the materials used, and the specification of the components of the infusion chair are important parameters and specifications for judging the quality of an infusion chair.

The production process of the infusion chair: each part is selected for mold production, and the metal parts are subjected to rust treatment, electrostatic spraying or electroplating. Degreasing (alkaline degreaser) → descaling (phosphoric acid chemical raw materials) → neutralization (soda ash) → cleaning (clean water cleaning three times) → phosphating (grey phosphating agent) → dry water → spraying → (thermosetting powder coating, Electrostatic spray / acrylic acid, oiling) → curing → cooling → packaging.