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Characteristics and classification of multifunctional electric nursing bed

The multi-functional nursing bed is designed for patients. The multi-functional nursing bed adopts a common double-folded structure according to the suffering of the patient who is bedridden all the year round. The bed surface is a special cushion structure, so that the bed surface can be freely adjusted into a flat and horizontal space form. The utility model has a functional nursing bed such as a body up, a toilet bowl (can be flushed and closed to add indoor odor) device, and the nursing bed side adopts a common design as a physiotherapy magnetic pad, which plays a health care infection, can comfort blood circulation, improve the degree of care, and improve the livelihood quality of the patient. Handled a series of difficult results in nursing.

Features of the multifunctional nursing bed:

It can be equipped with a multi-function dining table. When you finish the meal, you can remove the bottom of the push bed. With a waterproof mattress, the liquid can not soak the surface and scrub easily. Temporarily keep the bed clean and hygienic, breathable, easy to clean and disinfect, no odor Warm and comfortable; stainless steel double-section infusion stand, the user can drip at home, more convenient as a user and nursing staff; can be equipped with a bedside bed, easy for the nursing staff to wash the head, wash the feet, massage and other daily care for the user The wired remote control allows you to adjust the posture of the north and the foot freely, and can apply the call device in the wired remote control to deal with the user's imminence anytime and anywhere; the multifunctional nursing bed separates the electric motor according to the patient's existing condition. Hand, shake and shallow care of the three types of beds.

Classification of multifunctional electric nursing beds:

The multi-function electric nursing bed can be divided into five functional electric nursing beds, four-function electric nursing beds, three-function electric nursing beds, and two-function electric nursing beds according to the number of outlet motors. Its non-essential features are also equipped with motor, process design and luxury settings, such as European guardrails, aluminum guardrails, operating remote controls, full brake central control casters, etc., which are generally used for patient monitoring in severely intensive care units; Functional hand care bed Multi-function hand care bed is determined by the number of rockers. It can be generally divided into a luxury multi-function three-shake nursing bed, a two-shake three-fold bed and a single shaker. It is not required to be a rocker device and can be equipped with accessories that are not equipped with accessories, such as a potty device, reasonable process design and the selection of raw materials. It is generally used in every department of the inpatient department of the hospital; the shallow nursing bed is a nursing bed. Straight bed/flat bed, depending on the situation, can include beds such as messy hand-cranked beds, which are widely used in hospitals and clinics.