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Analysis on the development prospects of infusion chairs and medical cabinets for medical devices in China

Medical cabinet refers to all kinds of stainless steel instrument cabinets, Chinese and Western medicine cabinets, injection cabinets, poisonous cabinets, file cabinets, lockers, etc., which can be used by medical staff. According to the reasonable regulations of packing and management classification, all items can be put. Store in the designated medical cabinet.

The medical chair used in the hospital includes the work chair of the department clinic, the waiting chair outside the department, the infusion chair in the infusion area, the seat of the ward and the luxurious electric infusion chair, the lounge chair in the lounge, the sofa and so on. In public areas, the design of medical chairs should be more humanized. When designing medical chairs, it is necessary to take into account such safety risks in such a public area.

The infusion chair must be comfortable and the shape should be concise. Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Furniture will launch a new infusion chair. The chair is ergonomically designed, and its headrest, lumbar support, back, etc. can be adjusted, and the chair is made of cowhide design, which is very breathable. Today's medical furniture is pushing the concept of green. Some large foreign furniture companies pay great attention to this concept. The materials used in Kangzhixing medical furniture have reached China's high environmental protection standards, and a new technology recently introduced has scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Its unique sealing function can lock benzene and formaldehyde. Wait for harmful gases to reach the green and environmental protection effect.

The comfort of the chair is closely related to people's health. Foreign companies pay great attention to the purchase and configuration of chairs, and the investment capital is relatively high. In all work furniture, the increase is very fast and the seats are more profitable. At present, the price of work chairs for foreign design companies is relatively high, and the unit price of foreign work furniture is also rising, while domestic relatively speaking, it pays more attention to cost performance. It is applicable to all major hospitals, research institutes, major colleges, health care communities, pharmacies, clinics, etc.

In general, the medical cabinets used in large hospitals are based on the right patient, so that patients feel comfortable. This also indicates that for the medical equipment Kangxingxing enterprises, our large end customer base is still pointing to the major hospitals.