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Do you know what are the advantages of nursing carts in hospitals?

The medical stainless steel nursing care cart is simple and generous in planning and practical. The bottom casters use polyurethane raw materials, wear-resisting, anti-pressure, push-pull, quiet and silent, away from noise pollution, and a quiet space in the hospital. The hospital care and treatment vehicles are mostly stainless steel raw materials, which are convenient for daily finishing and disinfection, and are resistant to corrosion and rust. They are especially suitable for use in medical and health environments, and meet the health requirements of the medical industry. Nursing carts are available in a variety of styles. The double-layered guardrails with drawers are commonly used to hold valuable medical supplies, and there is no need to worry about the slippage of medical supplies when pushing and pulling. It is truly safe and worry-free.

Features of medical ABS nursing carts:

1. The body of the medical ABS nursing cart is mainly composed of aluminum, plastic and steel structures. The movement is light and sensitive, the planning is novel, and the shape is common and beautiful;

2, ABS mold forming table, curved handrail, stainless steel three-sided guardrail hanging detachable partition, can be placed in the disinfection cup, sand cup and other bottled objects;

3, the medical care cart is provided with a separation layer, which can be placed with oral medicines, instruments or other items;

4. The car body is equipped with a dirt bucket to avoid infection after contact with dirt.

With the continuous improvement of China's international status, more and more regions have begun to use medical equipment manufactured in China, which has stimulated the development of China's pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to a certain extent. As one of the major countries in the world of medical device production, our colleagues also have vast shopping malls and consumption potential. With the development of the social economy, the medical device profession will also see new trends in the new situation.

In the course of these decades of medical equipment development, although many achievements have been made, the technical level of many enterprises is still in the stage of copying, improvement, and combination. There is still a big gap between the same type of products and developed regions.