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Four major methods for overhauling medical children's beds

The medical child bed is a medical bed designed for children. Compared with the adult bed, it has the advantages of firmness, durability, beautiful appearance, corrosion and easy cleaning. During the use of medical children's beds, do not overload and avoid the impact. , sensation, kneading, etc., safety load: static 250kg; dynamic 170kg, regular joint examination of active parts (cycles are generally once every quarter) (such as screws and solid parts), avoid using strong acid, alkali, salt Items should be cleaned with a low-concentration detergent when cleaning, then wipe with a clean water and then wipe off.

Medical staff should use the child's bed for a certain period of time to repair it to see if there are potential failure problems. Often, we can experience the four common methods that we can use to repair medical children's beds. The following is the relevant content:

1. From the bed mattress and complete inspection. Looking for bedspreads and sagging or ruggedness indicate the severe wear of the mattress itself. Use the interior pin or the appropriate sewing machine cover. If properly disinfected, or replace worn new mattresses of the same type, springs, foam or gel. Fresh cover for new mattresses as applicable.

2. Disassembled structure, including armrests, headboard and pedals. Pull off the casters, wheels and brakes from every corner of the bed frame. Keep away from rusting areas and use electric sanders. Protect the primer and then metal parts with a layer of paint. Install new forks and replace worn casters and wheels as needed. Replace the plastic cover on the new armrest.

3. Delete any electronic parts, such as boards and control mechanisms. All electronic surfaces use deflation or aerosol air to blow away dust and dirt. Replace worn cables, wires and wires. Test electronic components such as switches and control buttons, mechanized bed movement. Replace the circuit board of the old bed, the circuit test indicates the electronic components.

4. Reorganize the bed frame and related parts. Lubricates all the frames on the hinge, including all movable joints. Rotate the joints to make sure they run smoothly and there is no gliding. Add new or clean electronic components, switches and wiring. Put on a new or innovative mattress. Plug in the power cord and the function of the test bed.