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How to choose stainless steel medical cabinet correctly?

Medical cabinets refer to medicine cabinets, traditional medicine cabinets, classified garbage cabinets, classified sewage cabinets, operating room lockers, medical staff shoes cabinets, injection cabinets, poisonous cabinets, various types of equipment cabinets, etc., medical cabinets are available for medical staff. Use, according to the reasonable provisions of the sorting and management classification, all items can be stored in the designated medical cabinet.

Medical cabinets are generally more classified than large hospital cabinets, which are generally classified according to the type of medical cabinets. However, people usually divide medical cabinets according to other classification criteria.

1. According to the type, there are mainly instrument cabinets, medicine cabinets with drawers, instrument cabinets with drawers, glass cabinets, slicing cabinets, wax cabinets, cooling cabinets, intensive medicine cabinets, sterile cabinets, scented wardrobes, poisonous Cabinets, disinfection cabinets, injection cabinets, door shoe cabinets, lockers, western medicine cabinets, Chinese medicine cabinets, etc.;

2. According to the material, mainly stainless steel, stainless steel bottom spray, steel spray, etc.;

3. According to the color, there are mainly a variety of spray colors such as all 304# stainless steel color, gray, blue, green, blue and gray. The color of the product can meet the requirements of customers.

4. Generally applicable to major hospitals, research institutes, major colleges, health care communities, pharmacies, clinics, etc.

How to choose the right stainless steel medical cabinet?

First of all, you need to look at the production process of stainless steel medical cabinets; if the edge of the medical cabinet is fine, smooth and very good in feel and the sealing line is smooth and the joints are very fine, then the manufacturer uses straight edge sealing. The machine performs a one-time process, which is uniform and stable on the glue, thus ensuring accurate stainless steel size. For those operations that are not standardized, the error is usually large and the pressure is very uneven. Especially in many places, it is not very strong, and even causes harmful substances such as formaldehyde to exceed the standard.

There are errors in the size of the stainless steel medical cabinet, these will be displayed on the door panel of the cabinet, while the professional medical cabinet is horizontal and vertical on the door panel, and the gap between the door panels is also very uniform, but those are not standardized. The medical cabinet produced by the manufacturer has uneven door gap on the door panel. In addition, although the pulleys of the cabinet drawer are small details, if there is an error in the hole position and the size of the plate, it will result in The twitching push and pull does not understand or the situation is loose.

The great advantage of the stainless steel medical cabinet is that we don't have to worry about the rust of the furniture. We can safely store medical equipment, medicines or other medical supplies. The stainless steel medical cabinet itself is relatively light, even if it is handled, it will not be very difficult. .