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How to distinguish the difference between a child's bed and an adult bed?

Illness is a condition that every one of us is inevitable, so medical beds are often seen by us. Because there are not only medical beds in hospitals, but also in many small clinics, we don’t know if we have found them or not. The medical beds in the occasion are also different. Adults and children's beds are also different. This is because the manufacturers they choose are different. The following small series will take us to understand the difference between the children's medical beds and the beds of ordinary adults.

The first is the difference in scale. This is clear, and the scale is reduced. The required production materials will naturally be much less than that of adult medical beds. So many people will intuitively feel that the price of children's medical beds will be It is much lower than the price of an adult, but as a small editor who has been engaged in the production of medical devices for many years, I am telling you that the price range of the two is not too big.

Friends who have done production should be aware of the price of a product, in addition to the material elements, as well as the processing costs, that is, the production process and other elements. The main factor that gives us a cheaper way to make a child's product than an adult bed is in terms of his size and material use. However, there are many production steps and related products for children's beds. For example, guardrails, many brands of children's medical bed products are more complicated than adult bed guardrails. Because of the safety of children's beds, the safety and robustness of the guardrails. The degree accounts for a large proportion.

In addition to the guardrail elements, in the mattress section, mattresses of many manufacturers' children's beds are specially produced or acquired. They are different from the mattresses of adult beds, because children's weight and comfort requirements are higher. The other is that the design will be more thoughtful, such as cute cartoon pictures, different guardrail decorations, etc. are increasing production processes and production costs.

You should pay attention to the following points when purchasing a child's bed :

One: look at the brand, small manufacturers and small brands and easy to close the door or close down, can not be guaranteed after sale;

Second: look at the welding point, small manufacturers only control the production volume completely regardless of the production quality, the welding point is not strong bearing capacity can not be guaranteed;

Three: look at the process, the big brand product process is simple and useful, the small brand product process is rough;

Four: look at the materials used, the material of the big brand products is not less than 1.0mm, and the materials used for small brands are generally lower than 0.8mm;

Five: look at the screw, the slider of the big brand product when the screw is shaken, the small brand product has noise when it is shaken, and it is difficult to shake;

Six: Look at the spray surface, the plastic spray treatment is not smooth, and the chance of peeling on the spray surface for 3 years or more is greatly improved.