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The quality of children's beds can not be ignored

Nowadays, the living standards are gradually improving. Parents have high requirements for the health of children and the comfort of various products. With the continuous development of medical technology, people have begun to choose professional medical children for children. Beds , but because these products are mainly used in children, the quality requirements of the products are strictly strict. The following small series will give you a good explanation about the quality requirements.

First, the selection of materials, in the raw materials need to be strictly checked to ensure that the raw materials are in line with the requirements of relevant parts of China, such as ABS to select 100% pure ABS, that such materials are not only quality, and the chemical factors are very stable and will not be released. Harmful gas, causing damage to the weak body of children.

Second, production, in the production process, because the child's nature is lively and active, although it is a small patient, this feature still needs to be taken into consideration, so the children's beds are paid attention to during production and processing, such as the choice of trade-offs. It is laser cutting, which avoids the irregularity of the incision surface, which creates a hidden danger to the subsequent welding and solidification, and also avoids the problem of bacterial growth in the gap presented by the uneven surface formed by the incision surface.

Third, spraying, taking into account the environment and the use of the children's medical bed, so in the spraying process, whether it is the spraying process, the spraying process is strictly in accordance with the international bed spraying process flow through dozens of spraying process, Make sure that the appearance of the bed is not painted off due to children's play and bumps. The anti-E. coli spray on the outside of the bed also ensures that the chance of bacterial infection in children is reduced to a low level.

After zui, here is a small series to remind you of the purchasers of children's beds. When you make purchases, you should pay attention to some details. The main reason is whether the bed surface of the bed is strong. Because of the child's nature, after the condition is improved. It is very simple to play and jump in the bed. At this time, if the connection between the bed surface and the bed frame presents a safety hazard, it is easy to form a bed surface collapse, which poses a safety hazard to the patient.

Secondly, depending on the quality of the brakes of the casters, since the children in the bed will not be too confusing like the adults, if the caster brake system is not strong enough, it is easy to form a risk.