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What are the advantages of medical children's beds?

Medical children's beds are specially designed for children, and the bed scale is strictly in accordance with Chinese standards. Children's smart electric bed has back lift, leg lift, back leg linkage, whole bed lift, bed forward, bed tilt, electric central control casters, digital display, one-button position, etc., can satisfy children ICU department staff The normal working needs.

Medical children's beds have the advantages of simple operation, diverse posture, and love of appearance. So today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the advantages of children's beds in detail as follows:

1. The digital display on the back shows the real-time display of the back panel in the process of lifting the back of the bed, giving the medical staff Zui an intuitive back view data, especially the setting of the doctor's point of view;

2, electric central control casters, the bed has the characteristics of electric central control casters, the nurse can lock and unlock the bed with one button, compare the traditional mechanical trampling unlocking method, the electric unlocking operation is more convenient and convenient, and the service life of the casters is greatly extend;

3, one-button body position, the bed has multiple one-button body position, including one-button CPR position, one-button FLOWER position, one-button heart chair position, one-button MAX position, various body positions to meet different medical needs, and can reduce medical staff Workload

4, medical child bed scale for children's body type custom-made, used to children under the age of 12 lying, bed style fresh love, can effectively ease the child's nervous mood.

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