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What are the common materials used in household children's beds?

Now, with the development of technology and the growth of children, many families also purchase children's beds to look after sick children at home. The use of children's beds provides a more comfortable sleep for many children during hospitalization. At the same time, it also provides great convenience for finding an adult. It can effectively assist adults to better take care of children who need to recover quickly.

The use of household beds is becoming more widespread. So, do you know what common materials are used in household children's beds ? What is the difference between them? Below, please come and see the introduction of our company professionals!

1. The steel bed material is used to make the bed at the end of the bed. It belongs to the ordinary low-priced household children's bed. Its bed, bed and bed are made of steel pipe. The bed end is integrated and cannot be disassembled. It is mainly suitable for some older children who are also able to exercise properly or families with economic conditions.

2. Some mid-range children's beds are mostly made of ABS material. The bedside bed is made of ABS material, and the bed body is made of steel pipe material. This material feels better and has no cold feeling. The bedside bed can generally be disassembled and used conveniently.

3. Plastic steel is generally suitable for middle and high-end children's beds. The bed body is made of steel tube material. The bed end is made of plastic steel material. This material has better hand feeling and is more robust. The bedside bed can be disassembled and used conveniently.

4. The solid wood material is mostly used for some high-end household children's beds. The bed body is made of steel tube material. The bedside bed is made of solid wood material, which is more easily compatible with the family furniture and environment. It is mainly suitable for some users who have high requirements for the quality of life. .

According to reports, the difference in the material of household children's beds is mainly the bed head and the tail of the bed. The material of the bed end is mainly steel pipe, ABS (engineering plastic), plastic steel, solid wood, and the material of the bed frame is generally steel pipe.