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How to use the ambulance stretcher

As we all know, in the emergency department, the integrity rate of emergency devices and emergency medicines are very strict, and the integrity rate should reach 100%, so as not to delay the rescue when the patient is rescued. For example, if there is one less syringe, there is no way to push the patient to the drug. Without a bandage, the patient cannot be bandaged with a wound. Without a splint, there is no way to fix the fractured limb to the patient.

The use of the ambulance stretcher car plays an important role in the process of visiting the clinic. It relies on it on the way of transporting the patient. The first-aid staff should be more skillful in grasping the use methods and skills of the stretcher. If there is a slight carelessness, there is a possibility of dropping the patient. Therefore, not only the first-aiders understand the use of the ambulance stretcher, but doctors and nurses must also grasp the method of use in order to quickly assist in the transfer of patients. Therefore, in the department, we often study and communicate together, and the experience is gradually piled up to prevent accidents from happening in advance to ensure the safety of patients during transit.

How to use the ambulance stretcher:

1. Use a sponge pad stretcher to make the patient transport comfortably, lift the patient onto the stretcher and transport it through an ambulance.

2. If the head of the stretcher needs to be raised, press the button below the stretcher head to raise it upwards.

3. When the patient arrives at the ward or destination, pull out the handle and lift the two.

4. The stretcher armor is equipped with a rotary elastic locking device, which is turned over to protect the patient's safety. If necessary, use it safely and securely; turn down the guardrail to make the patient convenient.

5. When the patient needs an infusion, one end of the stretcher surface can be inserted into the infusion stand.

The ambulance stretcher is made of high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum and foam cushions, and is used for ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, and gymnasiums to transport sick and sick people. The ambulance stretcher car is suitable for transporting the wounded and sick in ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, gymnasiums, and can also be used for general surgery.