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What is a gynaecological examination bed?

1. Applicable scale of gynecological examination beds

Gynecological examination bed for obstetrics and gynecology patients to view, heal, rinse and so on.

2. Use and description of the gynecological examination bed

Gynecological examination beds for obstetrics and gynecology patients are divided into observation, treatment, washing and so on. The combination of glass bed and sponge mattress is high-end luxury. It is very convenient to use. The back plate is folded down and the front bottom is installed with water. It can be connected with the sewer, which is safe and convenient.

3. Use of attachments

Footrests and pads: can be installed on the left and right sides of the bed, placing the feet and calves for gynecological viewing and healing when lifting the feet and legs. It is also soft and comfortable with a sponge pad.

Mattress: The inner sponge is used to wrap the artificial leather, which is soft and comfortable and convenient to use.

4. Installation and use

1. Installation: correctly install the bed frame and the mattress parts, tighten the screws, check whether the bed table section adjustment scale meets the requirements, and adjust the leg plate to a suitable height to lock;

Adjustment of the backboard: Lifting the backboard up and hearing the click is a fold up, which can be adjusted to the appropriate gear angle according to the viewing requirements; when the backplane is flattened, the backplane is pushed up to The end will be put down again in place. Then put the mattress away from the cover to see if the entire bed is stable and the installation is complete.

2. Use: The patient should take the bed from the side of the sitting board, let the body's weight first and the position of the sitting board, then put the legs, backrest, etc. for viewing and healing.

3. Check and cure the turbidity left on the bed and mattress should be cleaned in time, wiped dry and disinfected and placed in a cool and dry place.

Five. Precautions for gynecological examination beds

1. Do not adjust the angle of each segment when there is a patient lying on the bed.

2. After each use, all the sewage and dirt on the bed should be removed to keep the bed and accessories clean and extend the service life.

3. It is necessary to maintain and repair once a year.