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How to use ABS multi-function nursing bed safely?

The multi-functional nursing bed is convenient to use and reasonable in structure. It is a special nursing bed designed to solve the problems of disabled, incapable patients and difficult to watch, watching TV, writing, entertainment, eating, etc., so that patients can easily sit down, double The rollover function makes it difficult for patients to turn over!

Safety precautions for ABS multi-functional care bed:

1. Multi-function electric medical bed, check whether the power cord is plugged in and out before use. The controller line is safe and reliable.

2. The wires and power cables of the linear actuator of the manipulator cannot be placed between the lifting link and the upper and lower bed frames to prevent the wires from being blocked and forming an accident.

3. After the backboard is raised, the patient lies on the panel and cannot be promoted.

4, people can not stand on the bed to jump, when the backboard rises, people sitting on the backboard or standing on the bed panel, can not be promoted.

5. After the universal wheel brakes, it is not allowed to advance and move. It can only move enough after releasing the brake.

6, can not be promoted horizontally, to avoid damage to the lifting guardrail.

7. The road surface is not flat and will not be promoted to prevent damage to the universal wheel.

8. When using the manipulator to control the medical bed, the buttons on the control panel can only complete the action of the button command one by one.

9. Before the multi-function electric medical bed is moved, it must be blocked first, and the power controller wire is wound well before it can be pushed forward.

10. When the multi-function electric medical bed needs to be moved, the lifting guardrail should be lifted to prevent the patient from falling and being hurt during the movement.

In addition, the nursing bed is equipped with a dining table, a special shampoo design, and a casual design. The quality of the details, the multi-functional nursing bed, and the care of the patient, bring more convenience to the nursing patient, and easy care. .