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Steel plastic luxury stroller

Steel plastic luxury stroller

Product Details

KX-A25 child care bed

Name: Steel plastic luxury stroller

Specification: L900*W480*H1030mm

Packing: 1190*490*870mm

1. It is made of high-quality carbon steel material and processed by steel spray.

2. The bed frame is mainly made of 22*1.0 elliptical pipe, which is strong and beautiful in welding. The infusion tube is intubated on the frame.

3. Fixed baby basin bracket, firm, durable, no sloshing

4. One acrylic baby basin with venting holes at the bottom.

5. With a debris rack, you can put a magnified item.

6. The bottom is made of high-quality large liner, which is easy and smooth, flexible, and quiet when moving.

Configuration: 1 mattress, 1 baby basin, 4 casters

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