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Deluxe single shake children's bed

Deluxe single shake children's bed

Product Details

KX-A27 baby care bed

Detailed introduction:

Name: Deluxe single shake children's bed

Specification: L1600*W800*H650/1120mm

Packing: 1640*820*240mm

Product parameters:

1, stainless steel single shake child care bed function: two fold bed back lift 0-75o ± 5o;

2, special requirements: the plane load capacity of the bed is ≧250kg;

3, material requirements: stainless steel single shake children's bed whole bed is made of high quality stainless steel material, bed head tube is ¢32*1.2mm, bed frame tube is 25*50*1.2mm, guardrail main tube is ¢22*0.8mm, bed surface tube Use flat tube 30*15*0.8mm;

4. Rocker: It adopts high-quality carbon steel after strengthening and quenching and tempering treatment, with two-way limit protection device screw: safe, wear-resistant, light and labor-saving, no noise, transmission strength ≧160kg;

5, with a pair of stainless steel flip-type guardrail, convenient for care, treatment of operational needs;

6. Stainless steel single-shake children's bed casters are made of insert type and imported epoxy resin. The diameter is 5 inches, four-leg brake, pressure resistance, wear resistance and smooth movement.

1 request

1.1 Appearance and structure

1.1.1 The appearance of the bed shall comply with the requirements of 4.3 and 4.4 of YY 0003-1990.

1.1.2 The surface of the sprayed parts should be smooth, without exposed bottom, falling off, blistering, sticky and affecting the appearance of repair marks.

1.1.3 After the movable parts of the bed are connected, the operation should be easy and flexible, and there should be no jamming.

1.1.4 The surface of stainless steel should be smooth and tidy, and there should be no obvious defects such as scratches and stains. The material is stipulated by the agreement between the supplier and the buyer.

1.1.5 The surface of wooden parts should be free of insects, and there should be no undesirable phenomena such as running paint and exposed bottom.

1.1.6 The bed should generally have a caster device. If the caster is not installed, the fixed foot should be installed.