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Fully sealed flip bed

Fully sealed flip bed

Product Details

Guardrail height adjustment, freely retractable

Convenient care is to move or get out of bed

Remote lying position. Can be raised and lowered 0°-75°±5°

Easy care to improve patient comfort

Can be raised and lowered 0°-45°±5

Remote leg posture, reducing muscle atrophy

Both ends are sealed with ABS engineering plastics, each bearing weight ≥80KG, a total of 10 sections, leaving gaps between the sections and sections, breathable and moisture-proof, effective prevention of hemorrhoids

The metal surface adopts its own spraying line, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, mildew proof, fade-resistant, oil-proof and rust-proof, electrophoretic primer and electric baking. The adhesion reaches one level, does not fall off, does not rust, protects the patient's body.

The casters are made of 5-inch double-sided central control casters, with built-in fully enclosed self-lubricating bearings. Waterproof and anti-foreign materials are rolled into the wheel surface with TPR wear-resistant material, silent and wear-resistant.

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