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Bedside table

Bedside table

Product Details

Product Name: Bedside table

Product specifications: L480*W480*H760mm

Packing: 500*500*780mm

Product configuration: 2 hidden towel racks, 4 hidden hooks, one drawer and one pump.

technical parameter:

1. Material: The whole cabinet material is injection molded with imported engineering plastic ABS. The pull plate has a cup holder, the main door has a lock ear and a hidden magnet is included. The panel surface is bearing 75KG, high strength, sturdy and durable, never faded. Slippers and washbasin racks are made of breathable plastic steel ABS.

2. Three-layer structure, upper retractable dining board, medium-large super-capacity cabinet, and lower-level cabinet.

3. Concealed towel rails and sunken hooks on both sides save space and are easy to use.

4. Color: Adopt international popular colors (light blue, apricot, etc., available for selection).

Product Name: Bedside Table Product Specifications: L480*410*800mm

Packing: 520*430*810mm

Material: The whole cabinet material is made of high-quality steel and plastic material. The panel surface is under 35KG, high strength, sturdy and durable.

Configuration: 2 towel racks, 2 sunken hooks, 1 backpack-type water bottle holder, 1 drawer and 1 cabinet, movable panels in the cabinet, and bottom layer for shoes.

Product Name: Bedside table type VI (no back bucket)

Product specifications: L400*W420*H760mm

Packing: 420*430*780mm

product manual:

1. Material: stainless steel bedside cabinet adopts high-quality stainless steel profile, welding adopts fish scale welding method, welding is flat, welding road convex surface is not higher than 0.3mm, welding line is no more than 1.5mm, smooth and firm, ensuring welding quality; welding machine adopts domestic quality Brand Shanghai Haohuo brand WSME-280 (AC/DC) series of AC and DC square wave pulse carbon dioxide welding machine, reliable welding quality and stable performance. Grinding, polishing, etc. using LG international famous brand electric hand grinder; polishing with red polishing wax (80R\ coarse grinding) to remove trachoma, burrs, etc. to smooth the rough surface to achieve a smooth effect. Fine polishing is polished with purple polishing wax (90P, medium fine grinding) to avoid blackening and make the surface smoother and brighter.

2, two-tier structure, the upper super-large capacity cabinet, the lower layer is the debris cabinet.

Product Name: Bedside table V type (with back bucket)

Product specifications: L400*W420*H760mm

Packing: 470*620*770mm

Product parameters:

1. Material: The whole cabinet material is made of imported stainless steel. The thickness of the counter surface material is 1.0mm, the thickness of other board is 0.8mm, the weight of the cabinet is 75kg, high strength, durable and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

2, the bottom of the cabinet can be equipped with a 2-inch universal wheel, which can be moved freely, with brake device (or without the wheel, the bottom of the cabinet is supported by φ25*1.0mm four corners).

3, three-layer structure, with flexible telescopic nursing table.

4, with a water bottle holder, a pair of hooks, a pair of towel racks, a lock ear.

Product Name: Wooden bedside table Product Specifications: L480*W480*H760mm

Packing: 500*500*770mm

Material: solid wood