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Home-style medicine cabinet

Home-style medicine cabinet

Product Details

Product Name: Home-style Chinese medicine cabinet

Product specifications: L2035*W380/600*H900+915mm

Packing: 2120*460*1000mm, 2120*680*980mm

1. Frame: 25×25×1.2, 13×25×1.2 stainless steel square tube;

2, side panel: δ = 0.8, 201 stainless steel wire drawing board, two sides plus Thai oak cover, the color and the same color of the drawer surface, jujube red; no space above the cabinet, the space inside the five sides plus Thai oak cover, paint. Color and drawer The same color, jujube red.

3, drawer: δ = 0.6 cold-rolled steel plate, spray plastic;

4, the drawer surface: solid wood, jujube drawer slide rails using three sections of mute anti-off high-grade ball slides, carrying 30kg;

5, partition: δ = 0.5 galvanized sheet; fully fixed;

6, top plate, back, bottom plate: δ = 0.5 galvanized sheet;

7, handle: bronze;

8. Place 6 plastic hoppers in each drawer, which can hold 192 herbs, or put 4 4th buckets in each drawer. This cabinet can hold 128 flavors (small medicinal hopper can be split by itself);

9, the top decorative cabinet: solid wood board, red date, no door, can be placed blue and white porcelain and other decorative bottles;

10, the drug card should be selected according to user requirements, titanium plating, the appearance of golden yellow.

11. The medicine cabinet has 4 Vientiane wheels and 2 support feet, which can fix the medicine cabinet without sliding.

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