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Medical bed manufacturers offer price

Medical bed manufacturers offer price

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KX-S201D medical nursing bed

installation steps:

Installation of the side position gas spring: The installation of the side position gas spring is the same as the installation of the back position gas spring. It is only necessary to gently lift the side position of the bed, and connect the side position gas spring lower seat to the bed body and press the U-shaped pin shaft. Get up and lock the pin with a split pin. Then press the side control button to set the side bed to a horizontal position.

Installation of the foot surface: first turn the foot bed surface over, connect the hole tube and the support tube on the hole tube with the pin shaft, and lock with the split pin. Then screw the screws on both sides of the sleeve bushing bracket, align the holes on both sides of the tube sleeve with the screws on the bracket, and tighten the screws with a wrench. Pick up the connection hole of the foot bed surface and the thigh position bed surface and put it on the foot frame pin shaft, and then lock it with the split pin.

Installation of the foot guardrail: fasten the two foot guards to the mounting holes of the foot surface and tighten them with screws.