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Stainless steel pulley bed

Stainless steel pulley bed

Product Details

KX-859 medical nursing bed

All stainless steel pulley double shaker

Specifications: 2020 × 900 × 500mm

Material: full 304# stainless steel

Description: The bedside bed is made of stainless steel, with a medical record card at the end of the bed; the bed frame bed is made of stainless steel welded, anti-aging, no rust, strong and durable, beautiful and elegant; equipped with four full brake universal casters, flexible rotation, No noise; with backrest, curved legs double rocking function, equipped with stainless steel hand crank; optional: stainless steel guardrail, stainless steel infusion rod, mattress, bedside table, debris rack.

Description: The bed adopts imported motor, silent and noiseless, can bear more than 250KG, has a computer operation panel on the guardrail, the patient can be more convenient to operate (with nurse controller and CPR function); high-strength, high wear-resistant central control silent casters It makes the bed move flexible, light and convenient; it is equipped with four ABS guardrails (upper and lower positioning), infusion stand and drainage hook.