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Medical bed manufacturer price list

Medical bed manufacturer price list

Product Details

KX-838 medical bed

Product material: The bed surface, bed frame and bed foot are all made of cold-rolled steel plate and steel pipe, and after two-time phosphating, electrostatic spraying, the quality reaches the national standard; plastic luxury bottom cover, bed head, footboard and guardrail are High-grade ABS material manufacturing, easy to clean, beautiful and generous.

Product Description: The bed adopts imported motor, silent and noiseless, can bear more than 250KG, and has a computer operation panel on the guardrail. The patient can operate more conveniently (with nurse controller and CPR function); high-strength, high-wearing central control mute Casters make the bed move flexible, light and convenient; with four ABS guardrails (up and down positioning), infusion stand, drainage hook.

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