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Electric nursing bed

Electric nursing bed

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KX-S001 medical nursing bed

The nursing bed is divided into an electric nursing bed and a manual nursing bed, and the hospital is a bed for patients or severely disabled persons who are used in hospitalization or home rehabilitation. Its main function is to prevent the patient from falling to the bed, which is convenient for the nursing staff to operate and convenient for clinical use. With the development of science and technology, there are voice-operated and eye-operated electric nursing beds on the market, which is convenient for patients' rest treatment and enriches the patient's spiritual life.


The standard electric nursing bed must be used with the following conditions:

1. Specification: 2200×900×500/700mm.

2. The bed surface adopts Shanghai Baosteel Q195 cold-rolled steel plate 1.2mm thick, one-time stamping molding, no solder joint on the surface; the frame adopts 1.5mm wall thickness steel pipe, using carbon dioxide gas shielded welding full soldering process.

3, the bed headboard is made of imported ABS material, and the surface is smooth; the switch is set outside, it can be easily loaded and unloaded, and the bedside card can be inserted.

4, ABS guardrail, using damper device to control speed and noise, the nursing staff can easily operate the lift with one hand with a small force