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Stainless steel bed

Stainless steel bed

Product Details

KX-S002 medical nursing bed

It is equipped with φ130 control caster, high stability linkage system, and the brake is stable and convenient. The main body of the caster adopts aluminum alloy die-casting process, sealed bearing, waterproof and dustproof, and the two-wheel cake design increases the floor area and increases the stability. Polyurethane material does not fade, abrasion resistance.

The Danish LINAK safety voltage linear motor is equipped with stable and reliable performance, with battery and continuous power failure for 4 hours. No noise, long service life, 3 times that of ordinary domestic motors.

There are two foldable infusion stand jacks and four drainage hooks on both sides of the bed; a washbasin stand under the bed.

The function can be controlled by the hand-held switch: the overall lifting is 500-700mm; the angle between the back plate and the horizontal plane is 0-70 degrees, the angle between the lower leg plate and the horizontal plane is 0-20 degrees, and the angle between the thigh plate and the horizontal plane is 0-30 degrees; The overall forward tilting and backward tilting angle is ≥12 degrees.

The whole bed adopts the Swiss “Golden Horse” automatic water spray line, which is electrostatically sprayed with Akzo powder, with bright color and strong adhesion.