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Manual care bed

Manual care bed

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KX-S101 medical nursing bed

The standard manual care bed must be used in a variety of conditions as follows:

First, the manual nursing bed can be divided into:

1. The specifications of the manual three-shaker are commonly defined as: 2150*1000*520/720mm.

2, the specifications of the manual double shaker are commonly defined as: 2150*1000*520mm.

3, the specifications of manual general hospital beds are generally specified as: 2020 * 900 * 500mm.

Second, the main technical parameters of manual nursing bed indicators:

1. The shape of the three shakers, double shakers and ordinary beds should be neat, the surface should not have sharp edges, the welding should be firm, and the welds should be smooth and even;

2. The outer diameter of the tube at the rounded corner of the bed frame should be smooth and smooth, and the color should be uniform;

3. The bed and bed frame should be fixed firmly after assembly and should not be loose. The handle is flexible and can be folded back when not in use;

4, three shaker back position bed adjustable range: 80 ° ± 5 °, thigh position adjustment range: 40 ° ± 5 ° and overall lifting range: 520 ~ 720mm; double shaker back position bed adjustable range: 80 °±5°, the adjustment range of the thigh position: 40°±5°; the fixed height of the common bed is about 500mm.