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Nursing bed factory direct sales

Nursing bed factory direct sales

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KX-S105A medical nursing bed


The use of the defecation device: turning the handle to turn the handle clockwise, the cover automatically opens, and the toilet carrier is automatically sent to the patient's buttocks in the lateral direction. The patient can perform the urine or the lower part of the patient, and rotate the handle to the counterclockwise. The hole cover is closed and flush with the bed surface, and the potty is automatically sent to the operator side so that the caregiver can take it away and the cleaned potty is returned to the potty carrier for next use.

Use the guardrail of the nursing bed to horizontally grasp the top edge of the side guardrail, raise it vertically upwards by about 20 mm, and turn it down 180 degrees to lower the guardrail. After the patient goes to bed, lift the guardrail up to 180 degrees and press it vertically to complete. The side rails are raised. Note: The foot guardrail is used in the same way.