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Medical care bed supply

Medical care bed supply

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KX-S105 medical nursing bed


Position adjustment: grip the head position control handle, so that the gas spring is released from self-locking, the piston rod is extended, and the head surface of the head is slowly raised. When the angle is raised to the required angle, the handle is released and the bed surface is locked. The position; the same grip is applied to the handle and the downward force is lowered; the lifting of the thigh position is controlled by the thigh grip; the lifting of the foot surface is controlled by the foot control handle, and when the grip is tightened, the pull is released The positioning hole is lowered by its own weight, and when the desired angle is released, the foot surface 12 is locked at the position when the handle is released; the control handle and the handle are coordinated to enable the patient to obtain a supine to semi-recumbent, curved leg. Sitting flat and sitting in various postures. In addition, if the patient is lying on the side, if he wants to lie on his side, first pull out the small bed on one side, turn down the side guardrail, and press the control button on the outside of the bed with one hand to unlock the self-locking of the lateral gas spring. The piston rod is extended, and the side bed surface is slowly raised. When the angle is raised, the control button bed surface is locked at the position, and the side position is completed from the surface. Note: The same operation is used in reverse.