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Medical electric care bed manufacturers supply

Medical electric care bed manufacturers supply

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KX-S201A medical nursing bed


Operation of the foot washing device: When the foot surface is level, adjust the thigh position handle and lift the thigh position to prevent the patient from slipping; hold the foot control handle and put the foot bed into the proper position. Lower the footboard, then shake the thigh position to keep the foot flaps level, put the basin, you can wash your feet. When the foot is washed, remove the basin and reset the foot plate to the original position. Grasp the foot control handle and lift the foot surface up to the horizontal position.

There are many manufacturers of domestic nursing beds, mostly concentrated in Beijing, Hebei, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places.


Electric nursing bed : high price, suitable for patients to control themselves without the help of others

Manual nursing bed: moderate price, need someone to care for simple care