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Hospital bed factory direct

Hospital bed factory direct

Product Details

KX-S201C medical nursing bed

installation steps:

1. Casters, there are two brakes, and the two casters with brakes are installed diagonally in the screw holes on the bed legs of the bed frame; then the remaining two casters are installed on the other two legs. Inside the screw hole.

2. Installation of the back bed surface: connect the back bed surface with the bed frame with the back frame pin shaft, and then lock the pin shaft with the split pin.

3. Installation of the bed head: Insert the bed head into the hole on both sides of the back bed, and tighten the fastening screws on both sides.

4. Installation of the back position gas spring: push up the back bed surface to a 90 degree angle, screw one end of the back position gas spring with the screw into the gas spring support seat at the bottom of the back position bed and then the gas spring lower support seat. The U-shaped pin of the bed is connected with the pin, and the pin is used to lock the pin.

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