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Kangzhixing Nursing Bed

Kangzhixing Nursing Bed

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KX-S201E medical nursing bed


1. When the left and right rollover function is required, the bed surface must be horizontal. Similarly, when the back bed surface is raised and lowered, the side bed surface must be lowered to the horizontal position.

2 , take a sitting posture, wheelchair function or foot washing, you need to raise the back bed surface, please pay attention to before the thigh position to the appropriate height to prevent the patient from sliding.

3. Don't travel on rugged roads or park on slopes.

4. Add a little lubricant to the screw nut and pin shaft every year.

5 , please check each activity pin, screw, guardrail against the wire to prevent loosening.

6. Push and pull gas springs are strictly prohibited.

7. Drive parts such as lead screws, please do not use force to operate. If there is any trouble, please use it after inspection.

8. When the foot surface is raised and lowered, please lift the foot surface upwards first, then lift the control.

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