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Nursing bed

Nursing bed

Product Details

KX-S201F medical nursing bed

Optional parameters:
First, a safety and stability of the nursing bed. The general care bed is for a patient who is inconvenient to move and stays in bed for a long time. This puts higher demands on the safety and stability of the bed. When purchasing, the user must show the other party a registration certificate and production license of the product in the SFDA. This ensures the safety of the medical care of the care bed.

Second, practicality

The nursing bed is divided into an electric nursing bed and a manual nursing bed. It is manually applied to the patient for a short-term care need and solves a difficult nursing problem in a short period of time. Electric is suitable for families with long-term bed rest and inconvenient patients, which not only greatly reduces the burden on nursing staff and family members. The most important thing is that patients can control their own lives and greatly enhance their confidence in life, not only in life. A person's needs also achieve self-satisfaction in the quality of life, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients' diseases.