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KX-S201 medical nursing bed:


Use of the living table: Align the opening of the plastic part on the back of the living table with the upper side of the side guardrail and press it down. With one hand pressing the guardrail and the other hand lifting the living table, you can remove it.

Use of infusion hanger: The infusion stand can be used regardless of the condition of the bed surface. When using the infusion stand, first screw the two infusion sets into one, then bend the hook below the infusion stand and align it with the horizontal tube. The upper hook can be used in alignment with the round hole of the upper guard rail, and the infusion hanger can be removed upwards.

Use of the brake: When the brake is pressed with the foot or the hand, it is braked and lifted to release.

Seat belt use: When the patient uses the bed or needs to change the position, the seat belt must be fastened (the tightness of the seat belt is adjusted according to the individual) to prevent danger.